Truck Action Plan

July 26, 2010 | No comments | News

The preferred route for the Truck Action Plan has been announced after extensive consultation by VicRoads. It addresses the primary aim to get trucks off local streets and minimised impacts on property and the environment.

A two-stage truck action plan is to be implemented with hte aim of┬áreducing the number of trucks using residential streets in Melbourne’s inner-west and improving access to the Port of Melbourne precinct:

  • Stage one involves the construction of new ramps connecting the West Gate Freeway and Hyde Street, enhancing connectivity to the Port of Melbourne. These ramps will face west to reduce pressure on the West Gate Bridge. Hyde and Whitehall Streets will be upgraded and Shepherds Bridge strengthened to ensure appropriate access for heavy vehicles. Stage one of this project is being managed and delivered by VicRoads.
  • Stage two is a medium term project. It involves an upgrade to Sunshine Road, Dempster Street and Paramount Road. This has been combined with WestLink, which is a proposed road tunnel between the Port of Melbourne and Geelong Road. This project is managed by the Linking Melbourne Authority.

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