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At the IPWEAvic Business Luncheon on 10 December 2010 we were absolutely privilaged to have Ross Butler fly over from New Zealand to present to participants.  Ross Butler is an expert in Governance issues and runs his own consulting business.  After sharing some experiences from the recent earthquakes in New Zealand Ross shared some of his views on leadership particularly from a governance perspective.

He emphasised the need to have a personal set of values and live by these every day, values such as

  • Integrity
  • Transparency,
  • Respect,
  • Recognise contributions of others, publicly celebrate their success,
  • Often say “please” and “thank you”,
  • Team spirit and effort

Ross reminded us that all sorts of organisations need leaders, not just governments, big business, public works. As with governance, leadership skills are transferrable across your various involvements in Community groups, Service clubs, Sporting associations, Professional bodies and industry groups, Unions,  Churches, Neighbourhood  associations etc

He suggesed that each of us could do things like:

  • Invest in your own professional and personal development
  • Invest in the professional development of your people
  • Have a clear vision of what your organisation looks like in say 10 years, the successful outcomes it is giving to its people, and what you are doing to get it there. Keep it simple.
  • Tell everybody, reinforce the vision regularly
  • Manage by walking, flying, emailing around
  • Take calculated risks, make a difference, and encourage others to do likewise. Don’t automatically penalize mistakes.
  • Be part of a/several community organisations
  • IPWEA involvement is a great example
  • Get out at the top! World is littered with leaders in sports, government, business, professional bodies, who stayed one term too long. Get out completely, go and do something else.

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