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You may be interested in ADAC, the system developed by councils for councils that assists in the accurate capture of information from the development industry for use in asset management.

Although the  ADAC schema originated and was first developed  for  Queensland  councils,  the consortium has always believed that the ADAC methodology and philosophy could be implemented within the national arena.  With this national approach in mind the consortium have implemented modifications to the architecture of the ADAC schema to enable national and regional implementation.  There have been some very exciting breakthroughs in regards to the ADAC V4 schema. As well as the newly robust schema there is considerable work being undertaken by the software development and implementation industry. Some key international players have stepped up and are close to delivering the tools we’ve all been awaiting.

Comment in regards to ADAC being ready to roll out nationally:

We have completed the reorganisation of the schema so that all enumerated data types fall into ADACEnumeratedTypes.xsd.   This file is now the Queensland Regional implementation of ADAC v4.0.0 enumerations.  We have also created a generic version of ADACEnumeratedTypes.xsd  in which all the enumerations have been removed and only the basic string or integer type is enforced.  Substituting this file for the local enumerations would allow one to validate an ADAC file from any region to confirm that it fits the approved basic pattern of an ADAC xml.  This is a way of checking that the local variants are not breaking the rules.

Another piece of good news is that the FME XFMAP translation from ADAC v4 into GIS formats would be completely unaffected by this because the basic data types do not change.  That means that the FME translation could be used in any region where a variant was in force.  In future, we should communicate our generic version to Safe Software, so that they can create their translation based on that, knowing that it will transport any variants based on that pattern”.

Basically translated:   we are very happy to announce the ability for ADAC to be digested into interstate councils.

IPWEAQ is hosting a forum in Brisbane on 4th April  2011: here you have the opportunity to meet the ADAC consortium and get an inside view of what we have created, and software developers will be on hand to provide information on the tools they are developing for the industry.  IPWEAQ  is proud to present an important opportunity for interstate interested delegates to attend at cost only. This will be an opportunity to learn more and to make valuable connections in the asset management industry. There will be a substantial  number of delegates from Councils, Consultancy firms, Utilities, Developers and the like. The ADAC forum will be held on the 4th  April 2011 at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Download infohere 

Information on ADAC can be found at   Should you have any queries, or are interested in attending the Forum, please contact Adam Hain or call 07 3000 2200.

The Engineering Career Expo is on again this year at Etihad Stadium on 31 March.  Organised by Engineers Australia and expecting over 8,000 people through the doors this expo is big.  The Age has advertised the Engineering Expo and if you are in town between 2pm and 7pm on Thursday 31 Mar its worth taking a stoll through the exhibition – its FREE.

ARRB have some Bridge Inspection workshops scheduled this year in Bendigo. 

Level 1 Bridge Inspection Course will run in Bendigo on 15 and 16 November 2011.  More info here

If you wanted to join a Level 1 Bridge Inspection Course but can’t wait until November there are courses running in Adelaide in July, Brisbance in August, Townsville in September and Port Macquarie in October.

A workshop is to be held in Ballarat on 19/20 July 2011 on asset management for buildings.  Key topics explored during the workshop include:

  • Defining business needs
  • Level of detail for survey
  • Condition rating
  • Performance assessment
  • Functional requirements
  • Tool kit and system choices
  • Prepare and carry out practical survey
  • Case study
  • Analyse and report survey
  • Valuations

Registrations are now being taken so find out more at

James Dickson from the City of Darebin spoke to the delegates at the IPWEAvic Information Series Event on 24th March 2011 about “Streetscape upgrades involving tram improvements – Case Study on High Street Northcote” .  He gave an insight into the human side of infrastructure and delegates recevied some handy hints on pitfalls/traps that may occur in such a project.  Download his presentation here but be patient as it is just over 10MB in size so may take some time to load up.

The IPWEAvic Asset Management Technical Refernece GRoup met on March 24th at Best Point Showroom Richmond.  After a bite to eat the group discussed flooding and drainage issues.  The discussion, lead by IPWEAvic Board member Thomas Kuen, resulted in a list of drainage and flooding issue that predominately affect suburban councils.  Here is the list.  If you have any comments realting to the list please contact Thomas Kuen,


At the IPWEAvic Information Session held on 24th March at Best Point Showroom in Richmond Ian Edwards from Melbourne Water spoke on storwater harvesting and integrated water management. 


IPWEAvic members and guests gathered at the Best Point Showroom in Richmond on 24 March to launch the 2011 Footy Tipping Compeition which is FREE for IPWEAvic members.  Best Point are sponsoring this years competition and there are some great prizes to be won including a $650 travel voucher, $200 shopping voucher for the overall winners at the end of the comp and bottle of wine for the winner of each weeks round.  Its not too late to enter the competition – just send an email to the lovely Natalie at Best Point natalie@bestpoint, and she will send you the magic password and directions on how to enter the competition.  Two lucky people won door prizes during the launch – Glen Macalice from Mornington Peninsula and Maurice Stabb from Wyndham – congratulations!

We also heard from Chris Truelly (Best Point) that IPWEA South Australia are keen to challenge IPWEA Victoria in the tipping competition.  Refreshments were supplied courtesy of Best Point

In an effort to minimise risk factors in the Public Works sector, Pro-Visual Publishing is urging industry workers to take the necessary precautions with the new National Guide to Public Works & Services Safety 2011.

According to the Guide, staying vigilant with regards to risk management, hazard perception and traffic control are vital to effective daily operations.

Similarly, hazards that can present a high risk of injury or illness need to be prioritised for action to eliminate, control, or reduce the risk. Legislation requires all employers to approach their OHS risks in a systematic manner based on recognised principles. This year’s Guide looks at the common dangers and simple steps that should be taken to avoid unnecessary risk or injury, thus ensuring a safe working environment.

Read the media release here.  Take a look at the guide here

Submissions to the Victorian Floods Review are invited until Friday 27th May 2011.  On 8 February 2011, Premier of Victoria Ted Baillieu announced the Review of the 2010-11 Flood Warnings and Response. Neil Comrie, AO APM, is to head the review.  The Review of the 2010-11 Flood Warnings and Response will examine:

  • the adequacy of flood predictions and modelling;
  • the timelines and effectiveness of warnings and public information
  • emergency services command and control arrangements;
  • the adequacy of evacuations of people at-risk, including those in health and aged-care facilities;
  • the adequacy of clean-up and recovery efforts;
  • the adequacy of service delivery by Federal, State and local governments, and
  • the adequacy of funding provided by State and Federal governments for emergency grants.

A Parliamentary inquiry would investigate related issues, including identifying best practice and technology for flood mitigation, monitoring infrastructure and levees across Victoria.

The Environment and Natural Resources Committee will make its final report to Parliament by November 30, 2011.

To make a submission visit

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