David Sutcliffe Reports as follows:

Tired of service authorities not meeting road management plan requirements?

David Sutcliffe is on the Road Management Act Review – Infrastructure Reference Panel. The panel has been formed to look at ways of improving the operation of the Road Management Act implementation with regard to Council’s/service authority issues. Take a look at the issues under discussion here.  It woud be appreciated if you could fill out this Survey Form and return to David Sutcliffe.

At our first meeting last week it is fair to say that the service authorities did not accept there were any operational issues on their side and Council’s have been asked to substantiate the claims that service authorities are not notifying prior to works and works are complete, repairing road penetrations and repair made are substandard.  There is a requirement in the regulations to repair like with like. eg brick paving replaced with brick paving.

I am looking for examples in the next week of each type of service authorities, Water (sewerage), Gas, Telstra, Power utilities, where you have had problems.  Examples of:

  • heritage or trees due to inappropriate excavation
  • brick paved retail areas where repair has been an asphalt or concrete patch.
  • Roads and footpathsbeing left unpatched or inappropriate patches
  • Road closures or OH&S issues.

Also interested in:

  • Where authorities are not obtaining consent or providing notification?
  • Those not providing post notifications?
  • Also who in the council is recording the information and who is managing the process in council?
  • Are reinstatements being undertaken and if so is it like for like.

I would also be interested in how many of you are using “Dial before You Dig” to give you intelligence about who is digging up your assets.  I understand also some councils are trying to charge Asset Protection Fees to service authorities.

Can you have your asset protection officers’s assist with filling in the form and contributing examples (with photos) identifying location and when it occurrred?

Happy if you can email direct to me at davids@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au.

 David Sutcliffe, Central Goldfields Shire

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