ARRB hosted an IPWEAvic Information Series Event on Wednesday 29th June.  Dr Robert Urquhart, Principal Scientist ARRB Group, gave a presentation covering the long term performance tests and construction performance tests commonly used for bitumen and PMB relating the standardes to everyday items from tomoato sauce, shoe heels to heineken beer!  This event was a great refresher for those who have not visited testing requirements since their university days and a terrrific knowledge booster for all Local Government Engineers.

One comment recieved :

” 2 staff attend your seminar this morning.  They have been raving about the session all afternoon, and they mentioned they enjoyed the session content, speakers, networking, venue and the food.  The also mentioned that it was one of the best training sessions they have been to in quite some time.”

If you would like a copy of hte presentation slides please email your request to

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