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Have you ever thought that there is a lack of alignment in expectations between the engineering service provider and the receiver of those services?  The Warren Centre has developed the PPIR (Professional Performance Innovation and Risk Protocol for Engineering Practice) and is rolling it our throughout the country.

The protocol is consdiered necessary due to the increasingly unpredicability of the commercial and professional world in which the professional engineer operates.  The Warren Cetnre PPIR website lists a number of rasons for the increased unpredictability:

  • the commercial relationships between engineers and their clients are becoming too complex and ‘legalistic’ and less responsive to the engineering task the client’s expectations
  • the community has come to have unrealistic expectations about engineering risk
  • real-life risk management has given way to risk segmentation and allocation
  • engineering insurance underwriters find it harder to understand risks and accurately assess exposure
  • engineering litigation has become more time-consuming and costly, its outcomes increasingly unpredictable and the quality of engineering expert testimony is often questioned.

As a result, the professional engineer now spends too much time dealing with the consequences or potential of past events and juggling current risk issues, and has much less opportunity and enthusiasm for applying new engineering knowledge and for considering engineering innovation. While there is no one cause, a common underlying theme is that there is no shared and accepted view within the engineering profession, and between buyers and sellers of engineering, of the engineering perspective that should govern the relationships between the parties to an engineering task and of the professional engineer’s duty and standard of care in that task.”

The engineering profession already has Competence and Ethics standards.  The PPIR provides the expected Performance of professional engineers in terms of how he/she deals with a new task and how it is undertaken to ensure delivery of the final agreed outcome.

Access the PPIR here Visit the website

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