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For those that have an interest in lighting from an asset management, sustainability, design and safety perspectives. the CPEE is running a Road and Public Lighting Workshop 3-5 October at Mercure Spring Street Melbourne.

Lighting at the local government level is currently a hot topic around the country and this workshop is aimed at providing the skills necessary to become very informed purchasers of lighting design and operations.

For all professionals it is important to maintain currency of design standards.  The assessment of adequate lighting and adherence to AS1158 is an important component of road safety audits and crash investigations.  Lighting design is also an important treatment of crash locations.  The workshop covers these important safety aspects as well as the environmental and sustainability implications of adequate lighting design.   Specification and recent trials using efficient lamps are discussed.

Download details of the workshop HERE

The two presenters – Dr Steve Jenkins and John Rogers are both members of the Committee that developed the standard and are regarded as the top lighting experts in Australia.  Collectively the presenters have over 100 years experience in
lighting design and research.  Effective lighting design is an important road design element and a road safety treatment.  Compliant  design  to the Australian Standard  is therefore an essential part of overall good road design as well as meeting sustainability objectives.  For councils compliance to standards can be a major approach to risk and effective asset management.

You maybe interested in this response from a local government delegate at a workshop in Perth:

“Over the space of our careers we attend many courses and we walk away with a perception of how useful the content and the presenters were and generally the best you get is “yeah it was ok”.  However with the lighting course I rated it
very good to excellent for both content and the presenter’s value. It was good to spend time at a course where the info was not only very useful for what I do, but also get to speak to people who know their topic very well, are willing
to share their experience and are able to get their message across very clearly.  Please pass on my comments to John &  Steve – don’t let them retire for a while!”

This workshop is the only established training on road and public space lighting to the Australian Standards available in Australia.  For councils it is important to have some staff knowledgeable about lighting design so that you are informed purchasers of design and maintenance of lighting installations.

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