John McIntosh, President of Engineers Australia Victoria Division, is a loud and proud engineer.  He was the guest speaker at theIPWEAvic End of Year Leadership Series Business Luncheon held on 7th December 2012 at Green Acres Golf Course in Kew East.

Some Notes taken from John McIntosh presentation

Things have changed for engineers, things like:

  • Engineers are commonly found at level 2 or level 3 in organisations
  • PW department taken away from government in 1990’s
  • MTM was formed from Victorian Railways
  • Public works is a combination of private and public organisations
  • VicRoads grew out of the Country Roads Board but has political interference and is unable to undertake long term planning

Things are still changing:

  • People busier than even – time poor
  • Value expectations changing – community put before yourself
  • Competing service providers
  • Generational differences
  • Technology

Cynefin framework – see below










Characteristics of complex systems

  • Multiple and diverse connections
  • Feedback loops
  • Technical leadership

Complex events need adaptive leaders – looking for business solutions

Tools for managing

  • Open up the discussion
  • Set barriersStimulate attractors
  • Encourage dissent and diversity
  • Manage starting conditions and monitor for emergence
  • There is always more than one right answer

Tipping Point is a book that is recommended by John McIntosh which states there are

Three types of people:

  • Maven – takes new things, translates it down to a simple relevant bit
  • Connector – knows lots of people
  • Salesman – get the recipient to take in that new bit

Most engineers fall into the Maven category.

Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers

  • No time
  • WIIFM (RO1) – (what’s in it for me)
  • Specialisation and consolidation
  • Generational values
  • Competition – intellectually and technology

Radical changes for associations

  1. Overhaul the government
  2. Empower the DEQ and staff
  3. Rationalise the member market
  4. Rationalise programs. Services
  5. Build a robust technology framework

What can an individual engineer do?

  1. Be loud and proud about being a professional engineer
  2. Chartered professional engineer  CPEng
  3. Technical PLUS business acumen and people skills (engineering-executive)
  4. Regulation and registration
  5. Get (or stay) involved
  6. Encourage others to get involved
  7. Business card
  8. Linked in profile
  9. Certificates on the wall
  10. Wear membership badge with pride
  11. Elevator “CV”
  12. Outreach

The luncheon had a christmas theme.  Congratulations to Jane Waldock who found a prize in her christmas cracker!

Here is John McIntosh delivering his presentation to the IPWEAvic group.


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