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Electric Vehicle Trial

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If you are looking for information relating to the electric vehicle trial – visit the Department of Transport website

Of interest to Public works Practitioners working in the area of transport is the Victoiran Transport Atlas devleoped by the Department of Transport.

The Victorian Transport Atlas intends to bring together a number of transport themes and data sets such as:

  • journey to work
  • public transport infrastructure
  • car ownership
  • household activity and travel surveys
  • population and employment data.

The first theme released is a summary of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ journey to work data for 1996, 2001 and 2006. This theme includes:

  • origins and destinations of work journeys
  • methods of travel to work
  • employment and occupation types.

The atlas has data presented for each Victorian local government area.

It will be updated in early 2013 as more data becomes available .

Access the Victorian Transport Atlas

Cycling into the Future 2013-23, is the Victorian Government’s new cycling strategy taking a holistic approach to cycling by considering the needs of transport and recreational cyclists, as well as metropolitan and regional requirements.

Reportedly more than $30 million is to be invested in the 2012/13 financial year in a range of cycling projects such as improved cycling paths, new trails, bike cages and hoops as well as education and awareness campaigns and support for cycling events.

Read more about hte new strategy at this url

Downlaod a copy of the strategy here

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