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Rosanne Kava was the guest speaker at the IPWEAvic End of Year Leadership Luncheon held on 6th December 2013 at Green Acres Golf Club.  Rosanne shared her career journey and spoke about the challenges she faced as a CEO in a rural council, particularly those relating to

  • natural environment
  • built environment
  • political environment
  • economic development
  • community demographics, needs and expectations
  • access to services
  • governance issues
  • staff culture

Rosanne has a particular interest in coaching and mentoring and as an engineer is interested in coaching those in technical roles.  She offers the following five insights to those working in technically flavoured leadership roles

1.   Technical skills are a necessary but not sufficient guarantee of success –People and communication skills plus Personal skills are also needed
2.  Consult, listen, and take the stakeholders with you.
3.  p = P – i (where p= Performance, P= Potential and i= Interferences)
4.  Focus on strengths and build on them
5.  Encourage leadership at all levels
Many could identify with the formula relating to Performance = Potential – Interference.

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