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The VAGO Report on Asset Management and Maintenance by Councils was tabled today, 19th February 2014, in Parliament.  Take a look at the report via this link

Asset Management and Maintenance by Councils
Victorian councils manage around $73 billion of physical infrastructure assets and spend over $2 billion annually to maintain, renew or replace them. This audit found that council spending on renewing or replacing existing assets is not keeping pace with their rate of deterioration, resulting in cumulative renewal gaps that grow each year. There is a pressing need for councils to carefully balance asset renewal spending against a sustainable level of service delivery.

IPWEAvic has a seat on the Victorian Flood Warning Consultative Committee.

A draft document on Service Level Specification for Flood Forecasting and Warning Service for Victoria has been prepared and IPWEAvic has been asked to provide any comments.  The document can be viewed  HERE

If you have any comments to the document can you please forward to Malcolm Styles (, our representative on this committee, by the end of this week as our input is required to be reported at the next VFWCC meeting to be held next Thursday 27th Feb.

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