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Wed 22nd April has been set for the next Roundtable on Rate Pegging and is being   facilitated by the CCIA ( of which IPWEA Vic is a member).



  • On the basis of work undertaken to date, the following is the draft of the Alliance’s overarching policy position:


The Alliance completely accepts that a democratically elected government has every right to implement it policies and the Alliance stands ready to assist the Government to achieve its policy objectives in the best of all Victorians from the perspective of economic development, job creation, housing affordability, efficient project delivery and regional sustainability.


In this context, the Alliance believes that it is imperative that the Government engages effectively with the Alliance in the course of finalising plans for the implementation of the Government’s infrastructure and rate pegging policies.


The priority areas for the Alliance are:

  1. The need for a definitive and credible pipeline of projects across all government agencies, integrated to ensure minimal lumpiness. 
  2. Reducing the potential for the inevitable diminution of capital or major maintenance works on civil infrastructure as a consequence of rate pegging.  
  3. A spread of construction works to accommodate all classes of the industry, especially the SMEs. 
  4. A structured and formalised program (including Government funded pilot projects) aimed at seriously pursuing the efficient delivery of projects, via-a-vis the recommendations from the two Ernst and Young Reports and VCEC Reports commissioned by the previous State and Federal Governments. 
  5. Addressing red-tape issues which impede the efficient delivery of civil projects. 
  6. Ensuring that SMEs get paid in a timely manner by Government agencies, water companies, councils and Tier 1 contractors who are delivering major projects.


For you information


Bruce Douglas

Acting CEO IPWEA Vic

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