The Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) Indicator workbook version 4.0 has been updated and comments are now sought. Download a copy of the workbook HERE

Version 4.0 incorporates various changes to indicators and measures following results of data trial 2, submissions to the Regulatory Impact Statement and feedback from relevant State Departments. Changes in individual indicators and measures are outlined in Appendix B as well as marked up in track changes.

The workbook has been developed to support users in their understanding and use of the 71 quantitative (70 mandatory and 1 optional) and 24 qualitative indicators and measures which make up the LGPRF. It contains a description and rationale for each indicator and details of the measures including a definition, computation, permissible values, data sources for each element and explanation of key terms. This information is important to ensure the consistency, quality and accuracy of data provided by councils as part of reporting against the LGPRF.

Any comments or feedback in relation to version 4.0 should be directed to by 20 June 2014. A final designed and published version will be available in early July

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