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The National State of the Assets Report 2013 was launched at ALGA’s National Local Roads and Transport Congress on 13 November 2013.  The Report is based on data provided by 183 urban councils and 161 rural councils, covering $98.3bn in assets under management.   The report was prepared by Jeff Roorda and Associates and has a focus on Roads and Bridge infrastructure.

  • 12% of local government transport infrastructure, worth $19 billion, is either poor or very poor and
  • 30% of timber bridges are near the end of their useful life
  • 11% of sealed roads are in poor condition

Media reports citing this report include  News report (Bush Telegraph on Radio National)

Download a  copy of the National State of the Assets report – November 2013 from the ALGA website at this url:


Would you like to use your skills and experience to volunteer in a developing country?

The Australian Volunteers for International Development Program places skilled Australian volunteers in developing countries. The Australian Volunteers Program is funded by the Australian Government international development agency, AusAID.

 There are currently two Road Works Project Trainer assignments being advertised with the Public Works Department in Vanuatu. To apply for these assignments please go to

Application details are available on

Please note Austraining International reserves the right to withdraw this volunteer assignment at any stage of the selection process.

The National Water Commission has released a report documenting  

  • the location of significant intercepting activities that fall outside the current entitlement framework
  • the potential rate of expansion of each activity over various time periods
  •  and estimates of water usage of each activity in water management areas used in the Australian Water Resources Report 2005

The report includes definition and description of activities that intercept surface water and groundwater and identifies the following activities for further analysis

  • overland flows
  • farm dams
  • stock and domestic bores
  • plantations
  • peri-urban development

This project has analysed the available data throughout Australia in order to quantify the level of development of each of these activities according to the definition of intercepting activities. The impact of the baseline assessment was then estimated, as were projections of impacts for the years 2015 and 2030.

The report shows that the total volume of water unaccounted for as a result of land use activities outside our current water entitlement regimes and planning frameworks equates to almost one quarter of all the entitled water on issue in Australia.

The report is located on the NWC website and can be accessed here

Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt is a video developed by sussexsaferroads as part of their campaign to raise awareness of road safety issues in their local community.

This particular video has been placed on UTube and viewed by many around the world.  It was even viewed and discussed on the Gruen Transfer program on ABC on Wed 23 June 2010.   Take a look at the video here

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IPWEAvic Murray-Goulburn Regional Group met in Bendigo on 2 June 2010.  At the conclusion of the meeting the group undertook a site visit to the $4.65 million Bendigo Chinese Precinct development funded:-

  • $1.9 million from the Federal Government,
  • $1.6 million from the State Government and
  • $1.15 million from the City of Greater Bendigo.
  • More than 3000-square metres of paving is being placed to create an upper and lower plaza spanning across the Bendigo Creek.  The paving recognises the valuable contribution the Chinese community had made to the region and is a mix of Pyrenees slate, Harcourt granite and Chinese granite cobbles.

    The lower plaza features several colours of Chinese granite cobbles. The 104,599 cobbles cover 1131-square metres and feature paving designed to depict China’s Pearl River Delta. 

    The upper plaza is created through the use of Pyrenees slate sourced from Avoca. The stone is flecked with pyrites (fool’s gold). There are 9970 tiles used to cover 1750-square metres.  More than 620 pieces of Harcourt granite are used as edging.

    Several sculptures are incorporated into the community space.  Quite an impressive project.

    For more information contact Brett Martini at Greater City of Bendigo

    Here is a video preduced by the International Desalination Association designed to educate and inform about water scarcity and the main desalination technologies.   It runs for about 5 minutes – just click on the arrow to begin.

    Standards Australia is seeking comment on a New Work Item Proposal from ISO proposing a new project dealing with ‘outsourcing’. In particular they are seeking answers to two questions:
    a) is there merit in ISO proceeding with this work; and
    b) should Australia actively participate in the work or keep a watching brief.
    It would appreciated if you could respond by 7 June 2010 to Anne Gibbs for collation of IPWEAvic comments.  Download proposal here.
    If this project is approved by ISO, Standards Australia will again be touching base with stakeholders possibly with a forum to explore these matters further.

    The Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission has released its draft report for the inquiry into streamlining local government regulation in Victoria. It can be downloaded via this link

    Submissions are now sought on the Commission’s analysis of options for streamlining local government regulation in Victoria before presentation of the final report to Government by 24 August 2010.

    Submissions close Tuesday 22 June 2010.

    Further information can be obtained from
    Ms Robbie Taylor (administration matters)  Ph:  03 9092 5832
    Mr Jason Knight (inquiry matters)          Ph:  03 9092 5823
    Fax number for the inquiry                 Fax: 03 9092 5845
    Email queries                    

    New Guide aims to cut deaths and injury  in high risk public works jobs

    In an effort to reduce injuries and fatalities caused by driver fatigue, Pro-Visual Publishing is reminding local government and works officers of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Reforms with the 2010 edition of the National Guide to Public Works & Services Safety.

    The new laws, which took effect on 29 September 2008, are consistent with current obligations under OHS laws that require employers and employees to take all reasonably practicable steps to manage driver fatigue.

    The safety Guide, which will be distributed in the coming weeks, explores the reasons for the new laws, and details how heavy vehicle drivers and their employees can avoid breeching them.

    Take a look at the IPWEAvic chart here. and the media release here

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