A program of 3 Regional workshops is underway with the first event having been held at Horsham on 14th April.

These workshops are being run in conjunction with MWOAV regional meetings so there is chance to catch up with colleagues as well as contribute to the Public Works Sector feedback on the impending Rate Capping regulations that the Victorian State Government is to introduce in 2016.

Maurice Stabb is facilitating the workshops and gathering input from all those likely to be affected by the policy  who attend the workshops. This is your chance to express any concerns you have as to likely impacts on service delivery outcomes going forward.

Thee next two regional workshops will be held at

Colac on 8th May and Yarrawonga on 27th May.

A final Metro workshop and information session will then be held on 29th May at Whittlesea Civic Centre  where a number of leading industry and government speakers will share their views on the best way forward for professionals who must cope with this additional constraint on a significant budget revenue stream.

Further information on venues and specific times is available from Mandy at vic@ipwea.org


IPWEAvic is set to establish a Collaborative Partnering Agreement with Professionals Australia with the Board agreeing to preparing a Heads of Agreement.

Broadly speaking this agreement will seek to enhance and add value to member services to both organisations but without any compromise to their independence or autonomy.

This move comes in response to the continuing evidence of gradual decline in Engineering Capacity in Local Government and Public Works. The agreement provides for an effective industry response to the Victorian Government’s planned Engineer Registration requirement and recognises IPWEAvic’s capacity and interest in providing ongoing professional development and training opportunities for both members and non-member sector practitioners.  Professionals Australia sees its future as a competitive state register and accreditation manager and is prepared to stand by IPWEA as a preferred CPD facilitator.

There are a range of other benefits that can flow from the Collaborative agreement and these will be assessed and where appropriate and sustainable, implemented over time. Many IPWEA members are also members of PA and there is clearly opportunity for financial benefits to flow from this alliance.

Importantly the alliance will enable the establishment of a strong voice for Public Works Professionals in the areas of advocacy for intiatives to enhance the capacity of Local Government engineering and also to provide registration and accreditation services at competitive prices to the sector.

Future opportunities may include shared back end services, joint membership and improved workplace advice and support and enhanced professional development services provision.

ROAD MANAGEMENT ACT – Regulation amendments

Vicroads is finalising the latest round of amendments to regulations to the RMAct and is in the last few days of seeking public comment on the proposed changes. Details of the change proposals are available on Vicroads website ( Acts and Regulations).

Most significant for IPWEA Members is the change to remove the requirement for road authorities ( including councils)  to seek permission to undertake minor works or to have to serve notices in regard to minor works. This removes the requirement to pay any fees for this activities as well. It should be noted that private parties ( companies etc including contractors undertaking private works) are not exempt and will still have to make application for permission , pay fees and notify of intention to undertake work. These fees will also be indexed.


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