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IPWEAvic is still to locate some of its past records and is looking for information on who the past presidents were between 1993 and 2006.  If you are able to assist please email

The president listing is as follows:

1959       G.E. Price
1960       G.E. Price
1961       C.E.Tuxen
1962       I. McDonald
1963       L.G.Bower
1964       P.M.James
1965       P.M.James
1966       L.H.Wills
1967       R.T.Spence
1968       K.H.Wood
1969       G. Taylor
1970       K.J.Dowling
1971       N.L.Brooks
1972       R.J.Macklin
1973       A.C.Robertson
1974       R.J.Nutall
1975       M.J.Pawsey
1976       P.S.Parkinson
1977       J.A.McKerrow
1978       F.Brocklebank
1979       J.R.MacKenzie
1980       R.A.Boyd
1981       A.R.Runge
1982       P.A.Cleverly
1983       J.A.Nicol
1984       L.J.McKenzie
1985       K.J.McNamara
1986       R.G.Seiffert
1987       B.A. O’Donnell
1988       G.I.Surman
1989       I.C. Robins
1990       R.W.Ward
1991       G.C.Preston
1992       D.J.Treloar
1993 Peter Drummy
1994 Peter Drummy
2003       Bruce Douglas
2004 Maurice Stabb
2005       Maurice Stabb
2006 Maurice Stabb 
2007       Maurice Stabb
2008       Maurice Stabb
2009       Bruce Douglas
2010       Mark Varmalis
2011       Mark Varmalis
2012       David Sutcliffe

The IPWEAvic  President, David Sutcliffe, lead a series of 3 regional forums on Effective Road Maintenance on Limited Budgets during early May 2012.  The ideas and solutions generated in these forums were gathered into a communique which can be downloaded here.

Comments on the communique are welcome and can be addressed to David through

Thankyou to all the Regional Group Co-ordinators who worked hard to pull these forums together and to all the delegates who contributed to the mass of ideas and solutions.

Speaker: Caroline Evans – Senior Economist ARRB Group

Key lessons from recent initiatives:

  • US Climate Change Resilient Road Tansport Scanning Tour
  • Australian Low Carbon Transport Forum
  • PIARC Climate Change and Sustainability Technical Committee Outcomes

Date: Thursday 14th June 2012

Time: 4:30pm till 6:00pm

Venue: ARRB Auditorium (500 Burwood Hwy Vermont South)

Registration: RSVP by Tuesday 12 June at 5pm

Light refreshments will be provided at conclusion of seminar.

Download Nomination form HERE

In accordance with Section 6 of its Constitution, an election is to be held for the Board of Directors of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia Victoria Division, for the term 2012 – 2015.

Eight members of the current Board of Directors are to retire at the IPWEA (victoria division) 2012 Annual General Meeting, but they are eligible to stand for re-election for an ensuing term.

To accommodate a transition to a rotating three year term for all Directors, four Directors are required to serve a three year term and four Directors are required to serve a one year term. Once elected to the Board the new Board member will be given a preference to serve a one or three year term and in the event of an imbalance a ballot will be held within the Board, conducted by the Chief Executive Officer, to determine which four Directors will serve for a one year term and which four Directors will serve for a three year term.

All financial members1 of the IPWEA (victoria division) are eligible to stand for election.

Nominations are called for the position of Director on the IPWEA(victoria division) Board.   Eight positions are available.

This Nomination Form must be used for this purpose. For a nomination to be acceptable, this Nomination Form must be completed, signed by the nominee, and two other financial members of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia Victoria Division.   Duly completed Nomination forms are to be lodged with the Returning Officer at IPWEA(victoria division), PO Box 115, South Oakleigh Vic 3167 by mail or email to by

4.00pm on Wednesday 11 July 2012.

The results of the election will be declared at the Annual General Meeting of IPWEA (victoria division) to be held in October 2012. Details of the date, venue and time of this meeting will be advised shortly.

For those members wishing to nominate, an information package explaining Director’s responsibilities, expenses etc., is available from the Chief Executive Officer by phone (03)9005 0860 or email

Dr Anne Gibbs

Chief Executive Officer / Returning Officer

1 Financial member is defined in the Constitution as “No member shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting if his/her annual subscription shall be more than three (3) months in arrears at the date of the meeting”.

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