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Recycled Mixed Plastics Purchasing Toolkit

ECO-Buy has developed a toolkit to provide buyers with independent information on the features, uses and specifications for recycled plastic products. It was developed in response to buyers questions about what products are available, the environmental and cost benefits, and how to get the best results when using the products.

 Mixed plastic waste is often difficult to sort and recycle, leading to a high likelihood that material will be sent to landfill. Local manufacturers have developed a range of innovative products made from recycled mixed plastic waste to suit a wide range of applications and help reduce waste to landfill.

The toolkit includes a number of factsheets covering:

  • How recycled plastics can save you money.
  • How to design successful projects using recycled plastic products and materials.
  • Why recycled plastic is a low toxic and environmental preferable alternative.
  • Tips for getting buy in from other staff in your organisation to the use of recycled plastic products.
  • Some great examples of innovative organisations closing the loop by buying recycled content plastics.
  • A list of suppliers.

ECO-Buy also developed a unique downloadable Life Cycle Costing Tool that you can use to compare the cost of using recycled plastic with that of other materials. You can add your own data and calculate cost benefits and payback times.

The Recycled Mixed Plastics Purchasing Toolkit was developed with the support of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), Zero Waste South Australia and Sustainability Victoria.

You can access the Toolkit, and download the factsheets, and other resources here:


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