Basic Geometric Road Design workshop will run in Hobart 22-24 February 2011.  This workshop will nto be held in Melbourne this year.

Good road design will achieve operational efficiency, be safe and cost-effective, be aesthetically pleasing, and minimise the environmental impact.  The role of the road designer is to produce the most appropriate design that achieves the specified functionality using the design inputs from all relevant disciplines.   The design must take into account all inputs from stakeholders and road users.  This workshop will cover these principles so that delegates will obtain a clear understanding of the key geometric design requirements for road design.  The course will be based on the recent Austroads Guide to Road Design, in particular, Part 3: Geometric Design.

Delegates will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained with various design exercises and syndicate participation in a re-design of an actual three kilometre rural road.

For further information about this course or to register, please click the link below, or email


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