Released in March 2011 the roadmap includes recommendations to guide the establishment of Melbourne as a world leader in integrated water cycle management and make our urban landscapes more liveable and sustainable.

The Living Melbourne, Living Victoria roadmap outlines eight recommended areas for reform:

  • An agreed vision for the contribution of water to urban liveability, through protection from flooding, improving the health of urban waterways and supporting green landscapes
  • Greater customer choice and innovation in the water products on offer, the water charges they pay and their level of service
  • Improved integration of urban and water planning through planning and building regulations that facilitate integrated water cycle management
  • Optimised use of all available water sources, including fit-for-purpose alternative water supplies
  • Better environmental and public health outcomes supported by clear regulations to ensure both customers and the environment are protected
  • A common approach to the economic evaluation of water projects to ensure broader benefits, such as downstream water quality and reduced risk of flooding, are recognised
  • Approaches to pricing that recognises the value of the water resource and rewards customers for conserving water
  • Strengthened institutional and governance arrangements to hold service providers to account for their performance

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