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Peter Brown, Chief Executive Officer Moreland City Council, gave an exceptional presentation to the IPWEAvic Leadership Luncheon on Friday November 16th sharing some of his thoughts on how to generate political “buy in” and leadership from Councils and State Government in major urban renewal and infrastructure improvement projects.   Peter explained “The Coburg Initiative” as an apporach to refresh the infrastrucutre and build the economy.   When embarking on such a project there is a need to get council to agree to the concept of thinking long term.  A structure plan must be developed and a branding for the project assists in creating an air of expectation in the community.  When working on such a project you need to be as sharp as a developer.   This type of project is not for everyone and each municipality needs to examine its assets and see how it can leverage off them to advantage.  To a certain extent you need to create your own luck and find ways to get your project on Sate Government Agenda.   As the project is long term and may span more than one council term it is impreative that all councillors understand the project and have the buy in.

9 key lessons from the project are:

  1. People and places – engaging and ongoing consultation
  2. Turning places to reality – needs commercial viability
  3. Structural change needed – be clear on priorities
  4. Building internal capacity – the role of consultant
  5. Land banking – need a game plan
  6. Private sector participation – need competition
  7. State and federal partnerships – create your own luck
  8. Continuity of leadership and maintaining your integrity
  9. All takes time


A new Board was elected at the 2012 IPWEAvic AGM held on 11 October. Vicki Shelton was elected IPWEAvic President. She will be assisted by Vice-President, Ross Goyne, Treasurer Thomas Kuen and Immediate Past President, David Sutcliffe and Jane Waldock, Vito Albicini, Robert Ladd, Claude Cullino, Matthew Hill, Peter Harriott and Mark Varmalis. Congratulations to the new Board. The next IPWEAvic Board meeting will be held on 16 November so speak to a Board member if you have any issues you would like to raise concenring IPWEAvic.

    Vicki Shelton takes over the Presidential Shield from David Sutcliffe.

Metropolitan Planning Strategy – A Discussion Paper – Melbourne, let’s talk about the futureHas been released for comment. The discussion paper has been prepared to promote debate around the challenges and ideas for Melbourne’s future.
If you would like to contribute to the IPWEAvic response to the paper please email the IPWEAvic office at to register your interest.
Comments on the Discussion Paper close on Friday 1 March 2013. We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Visit the Plan Melbourne website for more information.

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