IPWEA is undertaking training in Melbourne on NAMS.PLUS2 on 24th July 2013.  Details http://www.ipwea.org.au/EducationEvents/EventDescription/?CalendarEventKey=167edfbe-eb00-432c-99b6-e92dd427295b

As you would be aware NAMS.PLUS2 is an IPWEA product and a tool to help councils write their own asset management plans in accordance with the IIMM and it also provides access to:

  • A suite of asset management planning templates.
  • A guided pathway to sustainable service delivery (220 page eBook).
  • On-line modelling.
  • Self-assessment maturity model (NAMF).
  • On-line Help Desk support service.
  • Training and support.
  • On-site support and assistance options.

All this at a very reasonable price.

Details of the IPWEA NAMS.PLUS2 online guided pathway for asset management planning can be found at http://namsplus.ipwea.org.au .

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