A 5 minute member online poll was held early December seeking members input to the prioritisation of the strategic direction of IPWEAvic for 2014.  The IPWEAvic Board met on 6 December to consider the strategy into 2014.

Thankyou to all who took part in the member poll.  The results were as follows:

Top Strategic Objective for 2014

The number one objective for 2014 from the member survey was determined as providing professional development opportunities in the form of conferences, seminars, information sessions, webinars and networking opportunities.

54.3% – Professional Development and Events
36.4% – Best Practice
18.2% – Information Exchange
18.2% – Policy and Advice
18.2% – Strategic Alliances
18.2% – Organisational Capability
9.1% –  Leadership and Innovation

Importance of Each of the 7 Strategic Objectives

The importance of each of the 7 strategic priorities was ranked in the member poll in the following order from highest importance to lowest importance:

  • Professional Development and Events
  • Best Practice
  • Information Exchange
  • Policy and Advice
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Organisational Capability
  • Leadership and Innovation

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